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"Ajikataya's knives are amazing!

Dec 11 2020

Have you ever heard of a Japanese blacksmith brand called "Ajikataya"?This is a sub-brand of Tsukasa Hinoura, as you may know if you are familiar with knives.His main brand "Tsukasa-saku" is one of the best forged knives in Japan. His main brand "Tsukasa-saku" is forged with one of the best techniques in Japan, but it is difficult to make many knives because it requires a lot of time and effort, and it is difficult to maintain the brand on its own.For this reason, he and his son created the "Ajikataya" brand of forged but highly productive knives. These knives are...

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The situation with the knife in Japan

Oct 28 2020

Generally, when you bring up the subject of knives in Japan, people respond, "Knives are scary.The general public has a hard time accepting the possession of knives for outdoor work, especially when it comes to knives other than those used for cooking.This is due to Japan's strict laws on the possession of knives and the fact that people don't have many opportunities to use knives from an early age, but the main reason is probably because they don't have to use knives.Many products are sold as finished products all around us, and pre-cooked food is available everywhere.But despite those adversities,...

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Traditional Japanese units

Sep 21 2020

There is a traditional Japanese unit for measuring length, "sun". Officially, it was changed to the meter by law in 1951, but it is still used in various occasions.A "1-sun" is about 30.3 mm.It is often used to describe the length of the blade of a traditional knife.The Higonokami in this photo is a "2-sun 5-bu", about 76mm long.This ruler was my grandmother's possession, and it has "centimeters" and "sun" on the front and "inch" on the back, which is a rare piece of ruler that no longer exists

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