Can you tell them apart?

Can you tell them apart?

Sep 04 2020

Did you know that there are many different types of knives that we call Higonokami?
There are many variations of the same design that look the same but vary in size and material, some of which may be difficult to distinguish from each other at a glance!

Look at Higonokami above and below. They look almost identical, but one is a mass-produced factory knife and the other is a handmade knife made by Genyuu IV.
There are four ways to tell them apart.
The shape of the pivot pin washer
Blade thickness
Marking on the reverse side
The pattern of the blade

Some of these photos don't show it, but the fourth Genyuu knife has a pivot pin washer with a chrysanthemum pattern, the blade is 4mm thick (usually 3mm), the Genyuu-saku brand name on the back of the handle, and the steel pattern on the blade shows a distinct wavy pattern.
For these reasons, the above is the knife made by Genyuu IV.
There are also differences depending on when it was made.

Finding such small differences is one of the pleasures of Higonokami.