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Let me know what you use it for.

Sep 19 2020

Sometimes I come across a knife with no known use.This time, we're introducing the BOKER Plus 02BO230.This knife features an angled blade and a titanium handle. This is a small 50mm neck knife.You can't even peel an apple with it, and it's hard to sharpen a pencil with it. It's not impossible.The hilt is so small you have to be careful not to cut your hand when you pull it out of the sheath!I don't know why I liked this knife so much, but I bought it!Sometimes I take this knife out and look at it, but I quickly put...

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On satisfying sharpness

Sep 12 2020

You may not be satisfied with the sharpness of a traditional Japanese knife. This is because the knife you just purchased has not been completely sharpened.There are two main reasons for this.One is to prevent the blade from chipping during transport.The other reason is that the best carpenters and cooks sharpen their knives themselves to make them easier to use and to suit the purpose for which they are used.Today, the value of knives has changed and most knives are made to be purchased and ready to cut.However, if you use a traditional Japanese knife honed by hand instead of...

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What you need to know about Japan's knife laws

Sep 07 2020

In general, compared to other countries, Japan has greater restrictions on carrying a blade.The law states that you should not carry a blade with a blade length of more than 6 cm without a valid reason.You can't be censured if you have a good reason to do so, such as when you're a cook or on your way to camp, but you need to keep it in a case or backpack so that you can't use the knife right away.There are still some minor laws, but I'll leave it at this.Every time there is a sensational incident with a knife,...

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