About the material of Japanese traditional knives

About the material of Japanese traditional knives

In Japan, four types of steel are mainly used for the knife blade.
The names of the colors Blue, White, and Silver, which are attached to each steel material, are derived from the fact that steels of the same appearance were distinguished by wrapping them on colored paper.

・ Tama-hagane
・ Blue paper
・ White paper
・ Silver paper

As Tama-hagane is a steel material exclusively for KATANA (Japanese blade), it is rarely used as a knife blade. However, the blade of the knife forged by TOUSHOU (Swordsmith) may be made from Tama-hagane.

Blue and White paper are called carbon steel, and their names change depending on the components contained in the steel. They are suitable for the material of knives, which are forged by traditional techniques. The knives introduced in this store are almost made of this material.

Silver paper is one of the stainless steels represented by ATS34. They are difficult to rust and easy to handle, but they are not suitable for forging.These are mainly used as materials for common kitchen knives.