About Us

We are introducing to you a knife forged by a Japanese blacksmith called "TAKUMI".
They use steel, fire and hammer to make knives in the traditional way of Japan.

Do you know that there is a left-handed knife?
Many knives are ambidextrous, but in Japan, a single-edged knife may be selected depending on the application.

A single-edged knife is often used in cooking because the sharpness of the knife is important.
Many "TAKUMI" can be manufactured not only in size and shape,
but also in left-handed knives.

We can carve the name of you or your loved ones in a knife,
or send it as a present.

We will assist you in choosing a knife,
depending on your purpose and budget.

If you are looking for a knife made by "TAKUMI" in Japan,
please ask us.

I think I can introduce a knife to meet your wishes.
Our store has only just begun,
please support me to sell attractive products.

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