Tukasa Hinoura : When he became the third generation of Etigo's blacksmith, he launched the brand "Ajikataya". He was working in a company in Osaka because he did not intend to do a blacksmith when he was young. But he succeeded his father 's blacksmith four years later.
He is learning the traditional knowledge of forging in Japan and trying to challenge his own way. "I will continue to study techniques of forging for the rest of my life, not only to make knives just by experience or intuition but also to understand manufacturing methods scientifically"
Currently his son is training to take over his father's job.


Akio Tasai : He was born in Niigata prefecture in 1939, he entered his disciples at the age of 12 and was recognized as a craftworker at the age of 20. And at the age of 36 he made independent opening. And now he is building tools with his son for carpenters.
The policy of his work is that the knife can cut for a long time and has a beautiful shape. His work is custom made according to how carpenters use each one.
A beautiful pattern like the tree ring of a tree appears in the best knife made by him.