Q.   What should I do if I want to order a left-handed knife?

A.   Tell us what type of left-handed knife you need.Tell us what type of left-handed knife you need.
Or from the list of products, select the knife you want to make for left-handed use.However, some of the knives can not be produced for left-handed use, so please contact us first.


Q.   The knife purchased from you was different from the picture of the product list.

A.   Also, as TAKUMI considers the practicality of the knife to be the most important, please be aware that the actual knife may differ from the picture.


Q.   What should I do if the knife I want is sold out?

A.   Please contact us first as we ask TAKUMI for the production period of the knife.


Q.   Can I buy Japanese KATANA?

A.   We can suggest you some KATANA. Please contact us.


Q.   I am looking for a knife that is not in the product list.

A.   Please tell us the name of the knife, the name of TAKUMI, or a picture of the knife. We look for the knife as hard as possible.


Q.   I am wondering which knife to choose.

A.  Tell us about your purpose, budget, desired features, etc. We can suggest some knives that are suitable for you.


Q.   I want you to tell me a lot about Japanese culture and TAKUMI.

A.   We welcome your questions!  Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Let's shopping!