Mituo Nagao : The fifth black smith of Nagaokanekomaseisakusyo who makes world famous Higonokami.From the old days I want to continue to keep the tradition of "cheap and cutting Higonokami", and continue to make products that can be used for the next generation.


Taizou Mitukawa : The third generation saw smithsman who inherits the history of about 80 years.
Traditional craftsman Taizou Mitukawa is basically the same handmade recipe as 100 years ago. We inherit old-fashioned techniques and keep it.


Seiki Tanaka : They began to manufacture sickle as a sickle smith in the late Meiji era, the era of Russo-Japanese War.
As Showa 21 "Tanakatutomu Sickle Manufactory", we have made tools that are accepted by everyone for making knives.
In 2000 He renamed "Tanaka Kazuyuki Cutlery Manufacturing Plant", it reaches present.
It was in 1994 that he began making kitchen knife.


Hiromi Ikeuti : Third generation of Ikeuchi knife, which manufactures forged small knives with Bansyuu Miki for over 60 years. About 10 years, he studied traditional technology from Shozo Ikeuchi from the first generation, and acquired new technology from the second generation Hisatoku. It is a "real" craftworker who continues to study hard every day in order to further refine the work of the artisan inherited from grandfather, father, uncle.