Hiromune Takaba : One of the swordsmith representing Seki, targeting Shizusaburoukaneuji which is the swordsmith of Kamakura.In 2000 and 2001 he was awarded the Excellence Award at the New Sword Exhibition organized by the Sword Art Sword Conservation Society of Japan. Ever since then we won many prize.


Yosinori Seto : (The right person)
Mr. Yoshinori Seto, Founder of SETO Knife, Factory Knife Manufacturer & Custom Knife Manufacturer, Gifu Prefectural Government, has been engaged in the production of knives for 25 years since 1975, and is a testimony of the world's leading custom knife maker THE KNIVES It is approved as a member of MAKERS 'GUILD (USA).


Kansei Matsuno : He is one of the famous custome knife makers in Japan who won The Best Knife Award at JKG Custom Knife Festa in 1995. He has always been aspired for his knives, by trying for new designs and arranging knives by Loveless. He was born in Gifu, in 1951.