Yoshihiko Akitomo : Akitomo developed his original method of Kobuse to craft his works and now the method has become a synonym for RedOrca' Ken-nata."Once you use RedOrca Ken-nata, you will never return to use others for your job" claims many professional hunters.


Sei Hamaguti : The third generation of Tosa's blacksmith Toyokuni.After his guraduation of school, he consentrated really his smith-work under teaching
by expert of Smith-work, Torakiti and Daisuke Hamaguchi.
It is now, he can produce every model's of Forging knives, including agriculture-forestry knives, Cooking knives etc.


Satoru Sasaoka : Born in Ino Town, Kochi Prefecture in 1971. Second generation blacksmith of Sasaoka Scissor Manufacturing. After studying economics at university, I got a job at a general corporation. When he was 25, he decided to succeed his father. He is actively working on product development and town development as well as manufacturing.